In his book “The error of Descartes: Emotion, Reason and Human Brain”, the portuguese neuroscientist Antonio Damasio demonstrates that there is no rational thought without an emotional basis, exposing, thus, the error of the cartesian dualism between mind and body and between reason and emotion that has led us to a reductionist and deeply analytical world view that lowers our creative possibilities, our global health levels and our feeling of happiness.
As it is said in the prologue of ¡Sincroniza tu Vida! By Alfons Cornella, the history of the best of humanity is linked to the mind-body and reason-emotion connection that in our brain is represented by the connection of its hemispheres, right and left.
If we want to contribute to create the best history of humanity, if we want, therefore, to feel good about ourselves and make the best decisions for our personal, professional and planetary life, we have to train ourselves to achieve the synchronization of our two brain hemispheres.
¡Sincroniza tu Vida! is structured in three parts: it begins with the recognition of the problem (the left hemisphere dominates over the right), it continues to reflect on why we ignore the attention calls of our right hemisphere, and ends up providing us guidelines to hear it, listen to it and synchronize it with the left.