About Juna Albert


I am a physicist who really likes people and therefore stories, our stories.

I have been fortunate to be able to live a historic moment: That of the union between Science and Humanities.

Why do I think so?

Because today we can continue to tell invented stories to highlight universal values – but listen … do you mean that stories are made up of invented stories?

And at the same time, we can, through the study of data (Big data) explain in a novel way the reality that we are all creating.

I trust us humans. And within that confidence, my spirit is to contribute, humbly, to making visible, through graphics and stories, the point where we are and the future we are creating, whether it’s handsome or ugly. Because we can only go where we want if we are able to face the clear, complete, sincere and whole image of where we are.

What and For what

Juna Albert is fully committed to STEAM, Science and Art. At the level of young people, she lives with joy the possibility of accompanying them in their discovery of the world around them as well as their talents and abilities. She is also a proud ambassador of the need to create a society with a data culture. And she prides herself on working side by side with companies to accompany them on the path of a digitalization and an innovation that puts people and the planet at the center.

She Writes, Interprets and Recites. It is a way to get to know each other and to make ideas known and born.

Profession and Career

She is completely committed to the need of a Dataliteracy culture for everyone as well as the human side of digitalization (Human digitalization). 

Juna Albert, has a graduate in Physics by UB (Barcelona University). 

She is a Business coach accredited by the European Commission to work with the SME Instrument of the European H2020 program that belongs to the H2020 Strategy.

Following his passion for people and psychology, he studied Gestalt and Coaching with NLP and entered the world of Neuroscience.

She also performes theater and has studied Dramaturgia with Victoria Szpunberg.


She is part of the Committee of experts in creativity of the Foundation Creativación, neologism that unites in a single word, Creativity and Innovation.

Lecturer and Professor

She is an associate professor at the UOC for the Master of Innovation and Digitalization.

She is a guest lecturer in the International Master of the UPC Foundation in Customer Experience and Talent Management issues.

She has collaborated with the Lleida University (UdL) in the Organizational emotional intelligence Master.

She has written and lecturered a Workshop in Synchronized decision making in Fundació Universitat de Girona.

She has taught Mathematics in the ADE of ESADE.

She has carried out many in-company training in Management Skills, Change Management, Talent Management, Customer experience and Design thinking, among others. Some of the clients being: Hospital de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, APD, Sabbat, Arcasa, …

She has given conferences on different topics around Cultural Transformation in Organizations, Talent Management, Innovation and Customer Experience. Some conference clients have been: Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala, Caixa Renting, Catalunya Caixa La Pedrera, ADP.


Researcher on issues such as innovation, creativity, and personal and organizational excellence, she is the author of the book ¡Sinchronize your life!, published in 2012 by Ediciones B in Spanish and Catalan in Spain and South America. A book that starts from the discoveries of neuroscientist Antonio Damasio about the error of Descartes and, specifically, about the error of the alleged duality mind-body or reason-emotion. A book that follows giving guidelines to synchronize mind-body and reason-emotion for a better well-being and performing.

She has written innumerable articles on innovation and management that have been published in the magazine Equipos y Talento, the digital newspapers Vía Empresa and Sintetia, and also in La Vanguardia, where, in addition, he appeared in a section of Jordi Goula talking about Decision making in the XXI century.


She has had his own radio section (Catalunya Ràdio, El Suplement d’Estiu, 2011) on Neuroscience applied to decision making. 

First paces

She has developed the first part of his professional career in the Information Services area of ​​two major financial institutions in Catalonia.

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